The Rise of Intolerance

I used to call myself a liberal. I still identify with true liberal values in many ways but I now identify as a centralist. Why? Because the left has essentially driven itself off a cliff in the name of tolerance. Actually nowadays it seem more like intolerance. The reason I say this is because anyone who challenges or doesn’t fit into the idealistic conformity created by the left is immediately called racist or sexist or xenophobic, basically the worst things to call any person. These extremities are normally found on college campuses where students are fed the “social justice” culture in the classrooms taught by biased and incompetent professors. In fact there are now entire classes based around these radical ideas.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst now offers a course called “Embracing Diversity” taught by professor who “thinks that everyone [in the United States] is inherently racist or sexist.” The craziest thing about this statement is that it is taught fact with no discussion or debate held on the subject at all. This issue directly deals with the lack of discourse that liberals allow on any of these kinds of topics which is a clear infringement on the principles of free speech.

So, why do they do this? Well, I believe there are a few reasons. The first being that these people on the far left are extremely frightened by the idea of an intellectual debate with anyone outside of their own echo chamber. A couple weeks back Vice Media co-founder and comedian Gavin McInnes who is a conservative libertarian appeared on the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” where he described his own run in with a crowd these radical left wingers at a speaking event host at NYU. McInnes said that he confronted the hostile crowd and offered the protesters to join him on stage and debate him over his views but not one of them took him up on the offer. This display of incoherence by the NYU protesters reaffirms the idea I’d presented earlier about the current liberal attitudes towards public discourse in that there is no discourse, or at least none that they will take part in. They simply believe their views are absolute.   

The other reason as to why we see the left shutting down free speech is because they feel that any public opinion give against a liberal viewpoint is not free speech, they see it as hate speech. In other words liberals believe they literally fighting fascist which simply isn’t the case. In fact the violent mobs that use brutish tactics in stopping free speech are complete hypocrites as the shutting down of such a thing derives from ideologies like of fascism. The modern antifa (anti-fascist) movement is guilty of this exact thing as they have been seen using many violent tactics to stop anyone who has a differing opinion from speaking.

As a free speech absolutist these are just a few reasons I’ve moved further to the center in terms of my political opinion. I truly believe in a state where anyone and everyone can express their opinions even if those opinions may have some insulting or even hateful ideas within them. I say this because if there is someone giving a public speech who is truly hateful or racist or bigoted in anyway they will end up publicly make a fool of themselves when rational thinking people hear how ridiculous their claims are. So let it happen, let theses kinds of people make a fool of themselves. If the left protests these people peacefully then they will no longer be in the wrong.