No Peace, Just More Lies

I’ve never really been a supporter of President Donald Trump but one thing I did like about him (apart from the fact that he pissed off the entirety of the establishment) was his foreign policy. That policy being to stay the hell out of the middle east. But this past week Trump has shown the world that he just the same as all the other idiotic Heads of
State when it comes to foreign affairs as decided (without congressional approval) to launch over 50 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base as a response to President Bashar Al Assad’s alleged chemical attacks on his own citizens. A move supported by many of Trump’s foremost critiques like former presidential opponents Hillary Clinton and Lindsay Graham as well as other governmental leaders such as John McCain. In fact just the day prior to Trump’s strike on Syria, Hillary Clinton had called for military action to be taken on the Assad regime. 

Now while the Trump administration has been known to flip flop on numerous issues, this debacle involving Syria (and by extent Russia) seems to have altered the entirety of the administration’s stances regarding foreign policy. It wasn’t long ago at all that President Trump was against any sort of intervention into Syrian affairs, not to mention his seemingly close ties to Russia but at the moment the word out of Moscow is that the Russians seem to have affiliation for the US whatsoever which could see the administration drive any even more closer to NATO which by the way Trump also had changed his opinion on this past month. It also appears that Trump has reversed the administration’s view of China’s economic policy as they were once looked at as currency manipulators of sorts but this past week the President stated that China is “not currency manipulators.”

The change in foreign policy has had enormous consequences not only in regards to the president’s primary voter base who seem to have all simultaneously disavowed the missile strike, but it has also lead to the very real idea of yet another war in the Middle East except this time the Russians are involved and they will be fighting along side of the Syrians. This to put it simply is very, very bad. Not only for the average American who is worried about their taxes increasing due to another pointless war but this possible war will have nuclear weapons involved on both sides. And it doesn’t help that the it seems like the entirety of main stream media in is completely on board with this foolish and belligerent strike which by the way was most definitely an act of war on the part of the United States. Let us just hope that the Syrians and Russians give us a pass on this one.

When you take a step back you realize how completely disingenuous this action really is. Its seems Trump only went through with this moronic act in vain of former President Barrack Obama. It simply seems as if he is trying to one up the former President by acting upon something his former couldn’t do as he needed “congressional approval.”

To be frank, there is no need of starting another war in the middle east especially when we’re still involved in two others in the region. In President Trump’s own words, “what will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict?” The answer to that question is absolutely nothing besides more bloodshed. It’s time for US officials to come to the realization that we are not the world’s police; we don’t need to involve ourselves in every conflict the arises in the world. The sooner this is done, the better this country and thus in turn the world shall be.